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The artspirators art group activity is the undertaking of various contemporary art projects.

We draw inspiration for our work from places of historical, social or similar importance.


  • We are particularly interested in sites that are inactive, abandoned, and possibly

  • forgotten by the general public despite their significance. Our aim, in addition to pure artistic expression is the promotion and activation of these sites.

  • Our method is divided into two phases:

  • Investigation and record of the history and substance of the site. This research has an 

  • artistic and human perspective and is not intended to replace or complete with formal

  • scientific research.


  • It is not only focusedon official records, but also encompasses testimonials and personal

  • narratives of people who live in the vicinity of the site.

  • Invitation of artists to create in situ projects. Artists are given full access to the results of

  • our research and encouraged to do their own.


Based on the material and possible thematic directions and restrictions, the artists create a site-specific work. More often than not, the work is implemented entirely or at least to a large extent in situ.


Important projects of the group from 2011 are:

«Refuge Project II»

Testimonials 2014 in the large cave shelter WW2 in Adamas Milos on testimonies of residents from the period of German occupation

«Refuge Project»

The Refuge 2013 In the large cave shelter of the WW2 in Adamas of Milos.


2011 - 2012 in the abandoned sanatorium doctor Karamanis in Hania .

All projects have attracted a significant number of visitors, Greeks and foreigners, and very positive comments . Interestingly showed the domestic type , with some of the posts have an important position and extent . Note that our last report in Milos , «Refuge Project II» 2014, visited the exhibition over 6,700 people throughout the duration.


For the effective implementation of each project , the team with close associates undertakes and organizes :


  • Fieldwork , testimonies , archival material

  • Editing and preparation of the report

  • Create a page with all the material preparation and exposure

  • Support the artists at all stages of project implementation

  • Audiovisual Documentation of the entire project.

  • Catalogue of exhibition

  • View in media

Active members of artspirators group are:


Maria- Adromache Chatzinikolaou, artist , general artistic direction of and participation in projects

Rania Armagos, production manager

Spyros Tsalapatas, computer engineer, support to technology issues



Close associates :


Kostas Christopoulos, artist, theoretical support

Andreas Siadimas, film director - production


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